Petpumok Resort

Wang Nam Keaw | 8 Moo 18 Dinudom Village, Wangnamkeow | 34 Room(s)

Petpumok Resort, Wang Nam Keaw, Nakornratchasima Surrounded with rich water resources. To everything. Harmony with nature. For those who prefer the privacy, we have a single home. A variety of styles that make you very quiet peaceful sufficiently With a holiday Suk, his family

Phu Phum Resort is a beautiful resort. Amidst the vast natural landscape. Surrounded by trees, waterfalls, sky, mountains and panoramic views. You can experience the smell of happiness with the atmosphere named as the 7th ozone in the world at the Diamond Phut is impressive. Only two hours from Bangkok.
Find comfortable accommodation. Stylish in price. With full facilities. Air conditioning Hot water, TV, fridge, or you can choose natural surroundings by tent. Take a warm fire from the fire and watch the stars at night. Wake up early in the morning with drops of dew and cold white mist. We have space with tents to sleep.
You can also choose from adventure and adventure activities such as hiking, nature trails. Visit the vineyard Organic vegetable garden Anthurium flower garden Near the place to see the bison and the wildlife conservation center. Excited about the rafting rock fire. It's great for off-road vehicles. On the steep trails with ATVs, motocycles and bikes.
For the required period, a room is not available.
Show Room Rates
Period Price (THB) Extra Person (THB) Extra Children Breakfast (THB)
 - Room rates exclusive of VAT.
 - The above rate are include breakfast.
 - Soft Drink 60 baht / person / meal
 - Break 50 baht / person / meal
 - Mattress 450 baht / person inclusive breakfast.
 - Meal Rate (Set/Buffet)
    - Set 1 (อาหาร 5 อย่าง)  Bht 250 / person
    - Set 2 (อาหาร 6 อย่าง)  Bht 300 / person
    - Set 3 (อาหาร 7 อย่าง)  Bht 350 / person
 - Full prepayment. Visa/master Card is accepted plus 3.5% service fee. Without credit card guarantee or cash deposit, no booking is confirmed.
 - We reserved the right to change these prices, product details, all terms and conditions at anytime without prior notice.

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