Map - The Rock Hua Hin Boutique Beach Resort

The Rock Hua Hin
Boutique Beach Resort and Spa

Hua Hin, Prachubkhirikhan province is 281 kilometres south of Bangkok. It takes about two and a half hours by car to the centre of Hua Hin town. The Rock Hua Hin Beach Resort & Spa sits on Takiab road, only 4 kilometres from the centre.

The Rock Address
4/44 Moo Baan Takiab Road
Hua Hin, Prachubkhirikhan,
Thailand 77110

Nearby attractions
* Khao Takiab and beach
* Khao Tao
* Royal Palaces
* Suan Son Pradipaht or Sea Pine Tree Garden
* Klai Kangwon Palace or the Summer Palace
* Hua Hin Arts & Crafts Centre
* HuaHin Night market
* Hua Hin Railway Station

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