Map - Samed Cliff Resort

Bangkok - Ban Phe

Apart from driving from Bangkok to Ban-Phe (please see the map), another easier way to get to Ban-Phe is to take a bus from Ekamai station on Sukhumvit road. When you enter the station, the ticket counter is on your left hand side with the company (or Bus) called "Cherd Chai Tour". Your required destination is Bagnkok - Ban-Phe (not Bangkok - Rayong) and the ticket will cost you around 157 Baht/person/single trip. The Bus departs every hour from Bangkok start from 5.00 am until 8.30 pm and from Ban-Phe, The bus will also leave every hour from Bus Station Terminal 1 (Ban-Phe Bus Station opposite Nuantip Market and Pier) from 4.00 am unil 5.00 pm.
Check time table.
Bangkok : (66) 2 391 2237, (66) 2 391 2804
Ban Phe : (66) 38 651 528
Ferry to Samed Island
Traveling to Samed Island is easy. There are many piers operating ferry lines from Ban-Phe mainland, such as Nuantip Pier and Phe Pier, to various beaches on Samed Island. The main pier on Samed Island is called "Na Dan Pier" which is the most popular pier because it is the closest point from Ban-Phe. The ferries to Na Dan Pier leave everyday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. The journey usually take around 35 - 40 minutes depends on the weather. The ferry cost arount 120 Baht / person / roundtrip. After you arrive at Na Dan Pier, you will have to take "Songtaew" (local open-aired taxi) to get to Samed Cliff Resort which will take about 10 minutes and cost around 200 Baht per trip.
How to get around the island
Generally walking and "Songtaew" (local open-aired taxi) are the main modes of transport. You can ask the reception at the resort to call Songtaew to come and pick you up at the resort. The cost varies depending upon the beaches that your would like to go since the distance counts as well as your negotiating skill. If you are more adventurous type, you can rent a motorcycle and ride around the island. Samed Island has only one road going from north to south with tracks running from it. Proper concrete road track runs only from Noi-Nha Beach to Saikaew Beach. The rest of the road track is unpaved and red dirt road, especially to the south of the island so travelers should have the strong motocycle riding skill in order to ride to the south of the island.

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