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Koh Samui : Attraction
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Here are some fascinating attractions of koh Sámui

Bophut Beach  

Compared to the crowded Chaweng Beach, it is quite and peaceful at Bophut Beach. Back to the heyday, Bophut used to be the largest town on Samui Island. It once served as fishing port with a harbor. The remaining of authentic Samui village with Chinese shop houses still boasts its glorious past.
Bophut lies 2 km of sandy beach lined with coconut palms. Although Bophut is not idyllic place for swimming as the bay is full of seaweed and algae, visitors can choose to do some sport activities with skis, kayaks and snorkeling gear renting services.

 สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว



Lamai Beach  

Lamai Beach is the second most popular beach, located 10 km to south of Chaweng Beach. Along the 4-km long coastline, creamy white sand beach lies parallel with deep blue seawater. Although there is no coral reef to decorate the sea, coconut-shaded beach portrays Lamai in peaceful and natural look.

Southern Lamai Beach situates many interesting rock formations and pools, especially the famous Hin Ta and Hin Yai, literally meaning grandfather and grandmother rocks. These renowned rocks are in Tambol Mared, Nakhon Sri Thammarat Province. The folk tale of them has been told for ages. Once upon a time, there was an old couple named Ta Kreng and Yai Riam. They wanted to sail for proposing a daughter of Ta Mong Lai for their son. When they reached Lamai Cape, the storm occurred and hit their boat down. Their bodies were washed ashore to create the rocks.

Not only natural attractions, Lamai also draws charms of local open-air market and old monastery, local museum and picturesque village scenes. Further south on beach side of the main road, is Wat Silangu, one of two golden pagodas on the island. This stunning spot features a shimmering exterior with solemn look against backdrop of the beauty of deep blue sea.

Lamai Beach homes a few smart resorts, but full of budget accommodation which caters to travelers on a shoestring. The beach also offers numerous healing resorts, health centers and spas, bringing the northern beach to be named 'Longevity Beach'. However, if you are looking for a nice restaurant, it is better to go to Chaweng Beach, taking only 20-minute drive.


Maenam Beach

Maenam Beach is the first tourist area of Samui, located from the ferry pier, midway between Nathon, the commercial center and Chaweng Beach. You will be in peace and relaxation with its crystal clear and warm waters as well as long clean beach. Over here, there is an interesting village settlement with a dominant Chinese influence and you can see a lot of wooden shop houses with a Chinese flavor and a small Chinese.The beach is quite deep and wavy. Resorts are available. There are boat service to Koh Pha Ngan. The fare is 100 baht. The boat leaves the port at 12.00am. And it take about 40 minutes to get there.

From Maenam beach, you can take a boat to neighboring Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, and Koh Nang Yuan.


 Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach, Samui's biggest and most popular beach, is a paradise of young travelers and families alike. It features 7-long sandy beach and fascinating coral reef stretching along the coastline.

Each part of the beach offers different atmosphere. One wishing to stay in tranquility needs to go to northern Chaweng Beach. On the contrary, middle Chaweng Beach, the elbow of the bay, are always crowded while southern end of the beach is the ideal beach for swimming.

Not far from the beach, there are two small islands near the reef. After enjoying swimming, you can choose to explore the nearest one by walking through shallow water or go for snorkeling and kayaking at the second island which is further out and larger.

Chaweng is the cosmopolitan resort town which is full of accommodations, ranged from 200 - 10,000 bath, shops, bars, night-spots and restaurants. So you can enjoy activities both daytime and nighttime.


  Choeng Mon Beach

Choeng Mon is basically a stretch of beach where the largest concentration of high class resorts are based like the Tong Say Bay Hotel and Resort, The White house and The Imperial Boat House can be found. Close to the airport and with Chaweng at close distance, it's an ideal location to enjoy both the tranquillity as well as the buzz.

West of Choeng Mon lies Big Buddha Beach, famous for it's landmark - the enormous "golden" Big Buddha statue, Secret Garden where the (in)crowd gathers on Sunday afternoons for live music and barbeque, the trendy Big Buddha Café or other great beach bars.


Big Buddha

Big Buddha, Samui's most famous landmark, is found on a very small island northeast of Bophut. It is connected to the main island by a small road. This golden statue is 12 meters tall and sits atop a wide staircase decorated with dragons. At the foot of the main building are many religious offering stands and several nice golden statues, including a reclining Buddha. You can donate some money by writing your name on a tile which will become part of the floor, or have your good fortune told by a 5-Baht coin machine: set the machine according to your birthday and you will be given a number; then look at the poster on the wall to find the corresponding number and your fortune (written in English also). Following Thai tradition, remove your shoes before climbing the stairs to see the wonderful view of Bophut Bay from the top. Like Bophut itself, this area remains a peaceful and relaxing interlude from the bustle of Chaweng.

 สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว


Koh Samui is not only the beach resort, but contains many attractions such as the Waterfalls, Snake Farms, Pearl Farms, Butterfly Garden, and etc.

Hin Lad Waterfall

It is accessible by car and suitable for picnic and relaxation. On both side of the road to waterfall are langsat plantations. At the beginning of the year is a time for havest. not far from the waterfall is the elephant camp. The tourists who are interested in straddle an elephant please contact the camp's office.

 สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว


Namuang Waterfall

It is accessible by car. There are restaurants and souvenir shops avaiable. The waterfall is about 15 metres. It's pools are emerrald. In the afternoon the rainbow will appear.

Namuang Song Waterfall
It is near Nammuang  Waterfall. The current is quite strong. The tourists have to go on foot and it takes about 30 minutes. Before reaching the waterfall, the tourists will pass by the elephants camp and coconut plantations. The highest point of the water fall is diveided naturally into two sections.

 สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว

It is accessible by car. There are restaurants and souvenir shops avaiable. The waterfall is about 15 metres. It's pools are emerrald. In the afternoon the rainbow will appear.

Namuang Song Waterfall
It is near Nammuang  Waterfall. The current is quite strong. The tourists have to go on foot and it takes about 30 minutes. Before reaching the waterfall, the tourists will pass by the elephants camp and coconut plantations. The highest point of the water fall is diveided naturally into two sections.


Snake farm
It is located in Taling Ngam Beach; the shows feature snakes indigenous to SamuiIsland, as well as some of the more poisonous and scarier species found throughout Asia. Included are displays of centipedes and scorpions, as well as demonstrations of the famous Thai Cock Fighting show.


Naga Pearl Farm
This is where you can discover how pearls are cultured, a 30-minute-boat-ride from Thong Krut Beach. There are lots of pearl shops offering many varieties of pearl products as well as special local handicrafts. It is a good idea to go shopping here.


Butterfly Garden:
A must for all visitors. The garden houses numerous species of butterflies, including the rare and endangered species.


Golf Course from Santiburi Samui Country Club

Located along the hills on the north coast of Koh Samui. It lies lengthwise along the coast with its highest point and lowest point of 290 meters and 30 meters, respectively altitude which results in deep slope down toward the ocean where the hills allows a panoramic view of the Island, the North Coast, and the Horizon which are such invaluable beauty blessed by nature.

This golf course is the first and only golf course on the island that is designed to meet international golf course standards. It fits in harmoniously with the rolling contour of the hills and blends perfectly with the beauty of the coconut mangroves and the surrounding nature. Its design concept has been envisioned as international, entertaining an intriguing - truly one of the most beautiful golf courses in the region.

The Santiburi Resort & Spa complements one's visit to Koh Samui. It is acclaimed as one of Asia's finest resorts, truly "a journey of the senses". Set amidst 23 acres of lush tropical gardens by Mae Nam Beach, it is a year round paradise.

Santiburi Resort, located on Mae Nam Beach in Koh Samui, is delighted to present Santiburi Samui Country Club which is nestled in the worlds largest coconut garden on the hills above the north coast.

The island's only golf course commands a stunning panoramic ocean view encompassing the beach of Mae Nam and the island of Koh Pha Ngan, Breathtaking views can be seen from the perfectly appointed clubhouse as well as from 14 of the 18 holes of this championship course.

Advice Programe Tour

Samui Safari : Half Day Trip
Travel to Siam Safari Camp for elephant riding and enjoy the different perspective from the top of the biggest land animal; see monkey training for coconut harvesting, ox-carts with water buffalo and a presentation of Thai herbs. A 4WD will take you to the hills for a view over Koh Samui, swim at a waterfall and enjoy a Thai lunch or dinner.

Samui Island Tour : One Day Trip
The tour starts with a visit at Big Buddha on the island of Koh Fan and then enjoy a view over Chaweng Beach before driving to Lamai Beach to see the 2 rock formations of "Hinta & Hinyai", grandfather and grand mother rocks. Afterwards, visit Wat Kunaram before going to see monkeys harvesting coconuts - and taste this delicious fruit. After lunch, continue to Namuang waterfall and take a swim before going to the snake farm and learning about the island's fauna. End the trip seeing Nathon before returning to the hotel.

There are many tourist attractions such as
elephant  trekking in the jungle, diving .Thai boxing ,massage and sauna, golf practise, gokarts, buffalo fighting,monkey theatre, crocodile ,snake or butterfly farms , tropical aquarium

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