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Spa Treatment
The healing wisdom and traditions of the East are available through the services offered by Mandara Spa, an internationally renowned company specializing in traditional massage and body treatments. Our guests enjoy an exceptional spa experience, including world-class treatments and service.

The treatments available are:
A rejuvenating facial massage and mask designed to purify and promote beautiful radiant skin using pure essential oils.
Experienced therapists prepare a special mask for your skin type, which will leave you with soft healthy skin.
An invigorating massage of the face, neck and shoulders using the finest Asian essential oils.
Uses natural cleansing minerals, seaweed and collagen, followed by a mask made of fresh cucumber or magical Thai herbs rejuvenating the skin.
Centuries old techniques reducing stress and easing tired muscles.
Based on Swedish techniques, detoxifies the body, beautifies the skin and induces deep relaxation.
Assists in the relief of stress and tension, improves circulation and soothes the mind and spirit.
A choice of herbal scrubs that will leave you with clean, fresh and healthy skin.

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