Kantang, Trang


Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahison Phakdi Museum

is around 200 metres from Kantang Municipality site, Khai Phithak Road. It is the sitw of an important historical site, which is the “old Trang lord’s house” or the house of Phraya Ratsadanupradit, the former lord of the province. The house is two-story wooden building. Inside are a wax figure of the lord and a complete collection of his daily personal items. The Na Ranong family looks after the house. It is open to the public every day except Mondays (it is open on public holidays but closed the following day). Groups requiring a guide must contact in advence Kantang Phitthayakon School, tel. (075) 251100.

The first rubber tree in Thailand

is along a road that leads to Katang. This tree represents the first group of rubber trees that Phraya Ratsadanupradit planted to pioneer the rubber plantation industry in 1899.

Khuan Tamnak Chan Public Park 

is around 24 kilometres from the city. The 250-acre park has beautiful surroundings. It has been developed to grow large trees and decorative plants. There is a rest pavilion and a parking lot for tourists. The park offers a great view of the sea and Kantang.

Yong Lin Beach - San Beach

is on the way to Chao Mai Beach and a 2-kilometre road leads to Yong Lin Beach. This curved beach parallels a pine forest. At the beach’s end is a high mountain with holes and caves that can be passed through to a cliff with more caves and rocks similar to a fortress encircling sand dunes. The beach is ideal for swimming and rest. There is a park headquarters and tourist service centre.

Yao Beach

is at Mu 6 in Tambon Koh Libong. This long beach extends from a mountain in the shape of a shark’s fin to the north. Lovely sea pines line the beach. The wide beach is suitable for camping and there is private accommodation available.

Chao Mai Cave - Khun Cave

is a stalagmite/stalactite cave in To Nae Mountain near Ban Chao Mai. It can be reached by boat from Yao Beach onto Khlong Caho Mai for about 15 minutes. A small rowboat can go through the cave to a verdant mangrove forest where the cave is nearby. Visitions have to walk up to the cave to fully appreciate its beauty.

Koh Libong

is in Tambon libong and is the largest island in the Trang Sea with an area of 40,000 square kilometres. Around the island are seaweed and a large head of manatees, large mammals of Thailand. It is also the home of a variety of native and migratory birds that are most abundant in winter. Koh Libong is part of the Libong Archipelago Wildlife Reserve. The park headquarters is located here. The island has many capes and beaches such as Tup Beach, Chi Hoi Cape, Thuat Cape, and To Chai Cape. People can walk across the beach at Chu Hoi Cape at low tide to Ko Tup where seabirds and mangrove birds from colder climates not found anywhere else are in great numbers. Many fishing villages are on the island. Most residents are Muslims. From Ko Libon, one can get a good view of Ko Chao Mai and Chao Mai Cape. To get to the island, take a boat at hat Yao Ban Chao Mai Pier. A boat leaves every hour and takes 30 minutes to get to the island. The boat rent is 400 baht per boat. There is accommodation on the island. Please contact the Libong Archipelago Wildlife Reserve, P.O. Box 5, Amphoe Kantang, Trang, tel. (075) 251932.

Hot spring

is at Mu 7, Tambon Bo Nam Ron, around 10 kilometres from Kantang. This natural hot spring has a constant temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. It is an interesting place for health tourism.

Koh Muk and Morakot Cave

are the most impressive point in the Trang Sea. The island is mostly high and majestic cliffs facing the sea to the west while a fishing village is to the east facing the mainland. The cliffs are homes to swallows. Hidden among them are the fantastic Morakot Cave. The cave entrance is a small passage that is above water and boats can just pass through. The cave itself winds for about 80 metres to the other exit where a clean white beach surrounded by high cliffs awaits. The cave entrance is in the island’s west. To get to Ko Muk, tourists can take a boat from Park Meng Pier in Amkphoe Sikao for the 40-minute trip. The boat rent is around 1,500 baht/day. Accommodation is available on the island.

Koh Chuak - Koh Waen

are small islands between Ko Muk and Ko Kradan. They are teeming with shallow and deepwater corals and many types of fish. Visitors can depart from Pak Meng Pier for the islands. Boats leave regularly using the same route as to Ko Muk and Ko Kradan. The 50-minute trip costs 1,500 baht/day for a characters boat.

Koh Kradan

is the most beautiful island in the Trang. It has an area of 600 acres. Most of the island (5/6) is under the responsibility of Hat Chao Mai National Park. The rest are privately owned rubber and coconut plantations. The island offers good restaurants and accommodation for tourists. The most striking feature of Ko Kradan is its powdery white beach and crystal-clear water that permits a great view of the coral reef underneath that stretches from the beach’s northern end to the coast. A variety of colourful fish inhabit the shallow water corals. Ko Kradan is to the west of Ko Muk and Ko Libong. Visitors can take a boat from Park Meng Pier to Ko Kradan. The trip takes 1.30 hours.

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Koh Ngai Resort

Koh Ngai Resort
2,550 Bht

Koh Hai Fantasy Resort

Koh Hai Fantasy
2,000 Bht



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