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Nakhon Ratchasima at a glance

Nakhon Ratchasima, generally known as "Khorat", is Thailand’s largest province situated on sprawling northeast plateau. Located approximately 260 kilometers northeast of Bangkok, the city itself serves as the gateway to the lower I-San region.

Covering an area of 25,494 square kilometers that is mainly plateaus and mountainous terrain, Khorat has fascinating traditions, charming hospitality, splendid natural scenery and awesome historical sites.


Some of the main attractions in Khorat are Khmer ruins. Scattered around the province, these products of ancient wisdom shines through time. One of Thailand’s finest Khmer ruins can be seen here next to Mon and Lao sites. In addition, Khorat has an abundance of natural attractions in its forests, hills, wildlife and waterfalls that are easily accessible in locations such as Khao Yai National Park.

Apart from the famous statue of Khun Ying Mo, Khorat is most well known for silk weaving (in Pak Thong Chai) and a variety of top-notch quality handicrafts such as clay pottery products of Dan Kwian.

Geographically, Nakhon Ratchasima borders on Chiyaphum and Khon Kaen Provinces in the north, Buriram Province in the east, Chiyaphum and Saraburi Provinces in the west and Nakhon Nayok and Prachin Buri Provinces in the south.

Khorat is also I-San’s largest province. Inhabitants of the province are mainly engaged in agricultural activities that include farming of rice and other crops such as sugar cane, tapioca, corn, jute, peanuts, sesame and fruits. There are more than 100 savings and agricultural cooperatives in the province, 35 irrigation projects and 7,122 industrial factories. Most of the factories are rice mills, tapioca product manufacturers, and industrial factories.

Khorat's most popular annual event is the Thao Suranari Festival, a celebration of Thao Suranari's victory over the Lao. It's held from late March to early April and features parades.

Looking back…

Khorat used to be the site of several ancient prehistoric communities. Little is known about the early history of Khorat, except that it used to be part of a kingdom called Sri Janas (Si Janat) – an empire that extended its power to the entire Khorat Plateau.

Initially the predominant cultural influence in the city was that of the Dvaravati culture, however, it was later replaced by the Khmer culture. The prehistoric site of Ban Prasat is evidence of this occurrence while traces of both the Dvaravati and Khmer cultures are scattered throughout the province, particularly at Amphoe Sung Noen and Amphoe Phimai.

Once an administrative and cultural center, Khorat’s role today remains unchanged as it is currently the main transportation, industrial and economic hub of the Northeast.

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::: Sima Thani Hotel
::: Pakchong
Farm Chokchai Cool!
::: Kirimaya
::: Muthimaya Resort New!
::: Dusit Princess New!

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::: Phukumhom Resort
Blue Sky Villa Khaoyai
Watermill Resort
Khaoyai Garden Lodge
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::: The Piano Resort
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::: Juldis Khao Yai Resort
::: The Greenery Resort
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::: Khao Yai Fahsai Resort
::: Thongsomboon Club
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::: Aurora Resort Khao Yai
Phutawan Resort
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::: The Bistro Resort
::: Ruenmaingam
::: Panther Creek

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::: Im Poo Hill
::: Baan Rai Khun Nai
::: Villa Khao Phaengma
::: Petpumok Resort
::: Busai Country View
::: Anongnat Resort

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::: City
::: Chok Chai
::: Dan Khun Thot
::: Non Sung
::: Pak Chong
::: Pak Thong Chai
::: Phimai
::: Prathai
::: Sida
::: Sikhio
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 Nakorn Ratchasima:


 City :  Farm Chokchai Cool!, Royal Princess - Korat, Thongsomboon Club, Sima Thani Hotel ,
 Pakchong:  Pakchong Landmark, Phutawan, The Palm Tree , Goldenland Resort , Phu Pha Ya Hotel, Samanea Resort,
The Jungle House Hotel , Villa Paradis , Belle Villa Khao Yai , The Piano Resort , PB Valley khaoyai Winery , Phuauem Khaoyai Resort   ,  Khaoyai Garden Lodge , Watermill Resort , Blue Sky Villa Khaoyai , Phukumhom Resort
 Khao Yai:

Juldis Khao Yai, Bonanza Khao Yai, Royal Hill, Sak Phu Duen, The Greenery, Mountain View, Kirimaya, Muthimaya Phuwanalee, Khaoyai Fahsai,
Mandarin Khao Yai
, Sala Khaoyai Resort , Aurora Resort

 Wang Nam Kiew:  Kratom Hin, Village Farm, Im Poo Hill Resort , Baanrai Khunnai , Villa Khao Pheangma , Petpumok Resort ,
 Busai Country View , De Bua Valley , Klongkrating , Casa Pendio Wangnamkheo


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