Scuba dive Thailand

Thailand has much to offer the visiting diver and snorkeled. There is a vast range of exhilarating sites of many different kinds, providing something for everyone, regardless of their qualification levels of experience.

With over 2000km of coastline and hundreds of offshore islands the variety is phenomenal, encompassing everything from extensive fringing reefs to deep drop-offs, dramatic granite walls, caves and tunnels, coral-covered pinnacles, and sea-mounts in open ocean. Spectacular hard and soft corals abound, and the marine life is prolific, ranging from minute and colorful reef dwellers to Manta Rays, sharks and pelagic visitor such as Giant Barracuda, tuna, trivially and the mighty Whale Shark.

With the Andaman Sea to the west and the Gulf of Siam to the east, Thailand is unique in that it borders two distinct oceanic zones, each with their own peculiarities and marine life.
Each side has its own distinct diving season which create together an outstanding 12 month a your of possible high caliber Scuba Adventure.


A Reflection of the Indian and indo Pacific Ocean

  •  Located right in the heart of South East Asia, the kingdom of Thailand
    has a footprint covering an area in excess of 500,000 square kilometers,
    the southern extremity of which is fringed by two coastlines spanning an impressive 400,000 kilometers, separated in places by only a few kilometers. This narrow strip of land, referred to as the Isthmus of Kra separates two major tropical oceans, namely The Andaman Sea and The Gulf of Thailand. Beyond the isthmus are thousands of rocky outcrops, islets and islands all with equally impressive landscapes and underwater scenery. Many of the larger islands are steeped in history as during the 17th century they were unwillingly involved in numerous conflicts between passing ships
    on this, the main commercial sea route around the Malay peninsula.
    Today the islanders extend a more hospitable welcome to tourists and sport divers attracted by warm waters rich in marine life.