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Wat Chon Thara Singhe, Narathiwat

 Wat Chon Thara Singhe is at Moo 3, Tambon Chehe, on the bank of Tak Bai River. From town, take Highway No. 4985 (Narathiwat-Tak Bai) to Tak Bai District Market intersection and turn left for about 100 metres to the temple entrance. In 1873, Phra Khru Ophat Phutthakhun established the temple and requested land from Phraya Kelantan for its construction. At that time, Tak Bai was still a part of Kelantan in Malaysia.

This is a Buddhist temple among a predominantly Muslim community. It played a role in the secession of land between Siam and Malaya (then a colony of the United Kingdom) during the reign of King Rama V in 1909. The Thai side raised the fact that since this is a Buddhist temple, it should remain with Thailand. The British relented and agreed to use the Klok River (Tak Bai River) that flows through Tak Bai as the boundary. Therefore, the temple is also called “Wat Phithak Phaen Din Thai” or the temple that protects Thai sovereignty.

The temple is generally peaceful and has a spacious lawn on the bank that is ideal for relaxation. The chapel, built in the reign of King Rama V, has wall murals drawn by Songkhla monks. The paintings clearly recount the life of Lord Buddha and the interesting life of locals at that time. It also houses a main Buddha image made of gold, which covers its original features of a red mouth and black hair. It is situated on a 1.5 metres high base. From the style of the base, it is believed that this is a Mon image. Another building houses a reclining Buddha image and the inner walls are covered with old Sangkhalok porcelain.

To get there, you can take a bus to Tak Bai district. In addition, there are mini-buses (20 baht), vans (30 baht and get on at the roundabout in town) and buses. You can get off at Tak Bai intersection and walk for around 500 metres. Vans will take you right into the temple.