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Namtok Krung Ching, Nakornsithammarat
 Namtok Krung Ching is a beautiful and important waterfall of Khao Luang National Park. Located in Tambon Krung Ching, the waterfall derived its name from Ton Ching, a kind of palm prevalent in the area. The waterfall has many levels, each with a different name, such as Nan Mut Phae, Nan Fon Saen Ha, Nan Plew, Nan Chon, Nan Chone, Nan Ton To, and Nan Wang Rua Bin. The most breathtaking level is Nan Fon Saen Ha where water drops off a sheer cliff 100 metres high, splashing down creating a mist covering the area like rain unlike other falls. The waterfall is under the jurisdiction of the Khao Luang National Park Protection Unit. A 3.8 km. long road leads directly to Nan Fon Saen Ha. The area has a training centre, accommodation and a campground.
 To get to the falls, take the Nakhon Si Thammarat-Phrom Khiri Road (Highway No. 4016). Upon reaching Na Reng intersection, turn left to King Amphoe Nop Phitam and turn right onto Highway No. 4186. The total distance is 70 kilometres.