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Prince Chumphon’s Monument
The venue is located by the foot of the hill in Hat Sai Ri area.Prince Chumphon was one of the King Rama V’s sons. Being the founder of the modern Navy of Thailand, the Prince was proclaimed as ‘’the Father of Thai Navy’’. He was highly respected by the navy, fishermen, and other people. His picture has been established in most of the houses in Chumphon. 

The Mounment consists of Prince Chumphon’s Shrine for visitors to pay respect. Chumphon Warship is a big, old torpedo warship, measuring 68*6.55 meters. This warship was placed out of commission in 1975 and was moved to Hat Sai Ri in 1979.

Herbal Garden is at the foot of the hill along the seacoast. This project was initiated by the Ministry of     Public Health to conserve the valued herbs, in order to continue the concept of Prince Chumphon who was also interested in using the traditional medicine to cure people.