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Wat Ubosatharam, Uthaithani

Wat Ubosatharam was originally called “Wat Bot Manorom” and is located in the municipality on the bank of Sakae Krang River opposite Uthai Thani Fresh Market. It is surmised that it was built in the early Rattanakosin period. Many historical sites and artifacts are found inside, such as wall murals in the convocation hall from the early Rattanakosin period that depict the life of Lord Buddha from birth till death. They are of exquisite craftsmanship. The murals inside the main hall are also from the same period and depict Lord Buddha showing mercy upon angels in heaven and others scenes. Moreover, there are 3 pagodas, each from different periods and of different styles. Also of interest are the main hall, the convocation hall, the prayer building, the octagonal multi-tiered rood, the Bot Nam raft, the replica of Lord Buddha’s footprint from the time of King Rama IV, a silver Buddha image weighing 30 kilograms, and gifts from King Rama V to Luang Pho Chan Wat Bot when the king visited Uthai Thani on 10 August 1906, like a monk’s bowl with a pearl-inlaid lid, a stone monk’s bowl, a glazed bowl, a sack used when the king visited Europe, a wide-month urn, a vase, etc.

Bot Nam is in front of Wat Ubosatharam on the bank of Sakae Krang River. It was built to receive King Rama V when he visited northern provinces in 1906. Originally a twin raft, it has an elongated carved apex of the gable like normal temple main halls. It also had a front part with a circular sign in Pali stating that the king visited here in good faith. In 1976, the raft was renovated and made into a single raft of floors so it is suitable for monks to use. There is an area for worshippers to sit under a four-sided roof. The sign has been moved to the middle of front part of the roof. Today the raft is used by raft residents for religious ceremonies such as weddings, ordinations, funeral, and merit-making activities.