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Khao Sakaekrang, Uthaithani
The area. The ladder, once Sankat Rattana Khiri up toward the top of the he Sakae Krang or use the highway 3220 for a long distance 4 Km. Then turn around the stadium District, then follow up to him from the top of the top of the panoramic scenery can be his city Uthai Thani has a large mondop to establish the location of the footprints Bahts simulation, which moved to the temple, Chan, a. In 1927. front is a bell of 2448, the Permanent Secretary for heart and the Uthai Thani join together to build a. In 1927. 2443 were considered a sacred bell who went to Uthai Thani, do not depend on the stroke of the bell, it is not going to the Uthai Thani near the top of his mondop with Sakae Krang is the king 's daughter Surrey rank the statue of the reign of the Public Company Limited, which is the name 1 former, Mr. gold letters, having served in the position Soonthorn science;Secretariet Department of the interior and later in those days, Si Ayutthaya was the Chao Phraya River Chakri Sri aide came to pass in the Rattanakosin Temple of Dawn) The sky King Chulalongkorn world 1785, king Chakri Dynasty (the name of a caterpillar Original Master) has established the ashes of his father was a hit, His Majesty King Rama VI in copyright 2338 Statue of king by the Royal Thai, and 1785, a bronze statue of king size twice as real sat on the altar of the left hand sword office Chao Phraya Chakri and take a shower upon the axle left and right hand and put on the rear axle right on the right side his hand, with Phan laid a wreath party senior Yi-e_xtract older files (feathers) put on the Baht, slippers and shoes are not the Baht, with the opening ceremony pay his respects the royal rank the daughter of Surrey, in the day of the 6 April every year, with the flower Supannikar or cotton the flowers bloom between escutcheon Uthai Thani on his Sakae Krang