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Khao Pla Ra, Uthaithani

Prehistoric colour drawings at Khao Pla Ra is another interesting tourist attraction of Uthai Thani. Khao Pla Ra is a mountain range with verdant jungles, no communities and natural water sources. It is also the home of numerous wild animals. It has truly lovely nature in the area around the cave and cliff in the southwestern part of the mountain at around 320 metres avove sea level. Colour cave drawings stretch for around 9 metres. These prehistoric drawings are of humans and animals in red and black.

They show an agrarian society and are artistic expressions of people in ancient times. The drawings give insight into their lifestyle and homesteads. They are certainly invaluable as artistic heritage of the country. A number of earthenware pieces of three-legged pots and stone axes were also found in the area.

Getting There: From the city, take Road No. 333 past Amphoe Nong Chang, then take Road No. 3438 (Amphoe Nong Chang-Amphoe Lan Sak) for around 21.5 kilometres. You will see the Pla Ra Mountain range on the left. Then turn left onto an asphalt road for about 7.5 kilometres and continue on foot around 2 kilometres up the mountain to the peak to see the prehistoric drawings. The total distance from the city is around 51.6 kilometres.