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Hok Saetung, Uthaithani
The museum hok saetung in the city Uthai Thani home, the architecture. China is expected to be age is not less than 100 years in the area of the river Sakae Krang Uthai Thani Province Chinese model first came to settle down here since the end of the Ayutthaya mostly a businessman who travel to the cargo ship with here is a market because the boom in this area are mostly rice farming, loading the cart, a farmer to come in and sold to join as a Chinese traders and do business here and the windmill, as well as the other is the Chinese live Chinese often as well as an association, the education system in the form of self-and try to keep the custom of his own, originally from กแซ tight built up to a meeting place for the Chinese community here and used as a center in the ritual in the Vegetarian Festival. In addition, once here also was a drug store China as well as to be trained medical plan China with the building, hok saetung not for the tribe of any one of the tribe of much the maintenance of Association, however, at present, and the owner is reserved Panama Chai you the building, built with teak, after the architecture. China has all the top 2 in the room offering fathers room for storing musical instruments and the vessels in the ritual in the Vegetarian Festival. The ground floor drug store China and used as a residence in the address of the women be separated, separately out over the rear window and door of the house will be decorated with fine stuccowork form as well as other bats banana leaves pomegranate, local 1642 Chinese believe that will bring the happiness and good luck to the current living hok saetung has closed down after the current drug store has been increasing, modern and leading to the current garden could not continue to claim that today the possession of the store is aunt reserved comments vast a bistro, which is the corner separate fish rhino