Ubonratchathani Attractions

Amphoe Warin Chamrap

Wat Nong Pa Phong is a meditation center.  The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful.  It is in Amphoe Warin Chamrap on Highway 2178 about 6 kilometres from the city.  The ordination hall is and all white building of applied Thai style architecture.  Inside is a wax image of Phra Achan Luang Pu Cha, a famous meditation monk who founded the temple and is much revered by everyone.

Wat Pa Nanachat is also a meditation center like Wat Nong Pa Phong.  Many foreigners have been ordained here and reside at this temple.  It is in Tambon Bung Wai, Amphoe Warin Chamrap, about 12 kilometres from the city.  Travel along Highway 24, turn left to Amphoe Kanthararom, Si Sa Ket Province (Highway 226). There will be a sign to point the way to the temple, which is about 1 kilometre off the dirt road.

Ban Tha Khong Lek is on Highway 226 (Ubon-Si Sa Ket Route) about 3 kilometres from the district center (next to Warin Chamrap School).  This village make clay pots.  The clay, taken from the Mun River, is thoroughly mixed with chaff and other kinds of material.  The whole process in interestingly done by hand.


Amphoe Phibun Mangsahan (Highway 217)

Wat PhuKhao Kaeo is on the slope of a hill in Phibun Mangsahan along Highway 217.  It is 43 kilometres from Ubon Ratchathani.  Inside the temple grounds is a beautiful ordination hall built entirely from ceramics.  Inside the hall are replicas of all the Buddha relics found in Thailand.

Kaeng Saphue is the most beautiful cataract-in Ubon Ratchathani.  The word “Saphue” means “a serpent”.  It is in the Mun River near the district office of Phibun Mangsahan, about 45 kilometres from Ubon Ratchathani city center, on the left-hand side of Highway 217.  This beautiful cataract of natural rocks can be seen for half the year during the dry season.  During the rainy season.  It is covered with water.  Their Majesties the King and Queen have twice visited this place.  There is a summer pavilion for visitors to restand admire the scenery.


Amphoe Sirindhorn

The Sirindhorn Dam is another important multi-purpose dam in the Northeast.  It blocks Lam Dom Noi in Phibun Mangsahan District (about 70 kilometres from the city centre) on Highway 217. Turn right at Kilometre 71 for about 500 metres.  The area is a plain with a thicket on the hills surrounding the reservoir.  Guest houses are available for visitors.  More information may be obtained from the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, Bang Kruai, Nonthaburi, Tel. 436-3271-2.

Bo Nam bun (Bun Spring) is on Highway 217 about 700 metres from Sirindhorn Dam.  It is similar to a hot spring in terms of its appearance, but the water from this spring is of normal temperature and the water comes up from the ground.  It was discovered by a monk who was on a pilgrimage, and so a religious center, called Wat Nam Bun, was established.

Chong Mek Border, the boundary between Thailand and Laos marks the end of Highway 217, which is 89 kilometres long.  This highway will be connected to a 38 kilometre road in Laos leading to Pak Sae, which is a part of the Asian Highway.


Amphoe Khong Chiam (Highway 2222)

Kaeng Tana National Park can be reached by two ways.  One is by Highway 2222.  Along this route you get a beautiful sight of Kaeng Tana because more rocks can be seen on this side. The other way is the route to the National Park Office along Highway 217 (Phibun-Chong Mek route) and then turn left to Highway 2173 for another 13 kilometres.  The total area of Kaeng Tana National Park is 50,000 rai.  It was proclaimed a national park on 13 July 1982.  Attractions in the park include:-

Kaeng Tana is the biggest cataract in the middle of the Mun River.  The cataract itself is a big stone platform lying across the Mun River, causing the water which flows through Kaeng Tana to take the form of beautiful waterfalls.

Don Tana is a sand bar of 450 metres in width and 700 metres in length that emerges and splits the Mun River into two branches.  To the north, lies a sandy beach, which is an ideal place for recreation.  Generally viewed covering the whole area is dry evergreen forest.  There are big trees providing shade, and growing naturally among them are some teak trees.  Now, visitors can reach Don Tana by walking across a suspension bridge.

Kaeng Khanwhe is a cataract which is approimately 1 kilometre long and 300 metres wide. There is a sandy beach which has large and small stones scattered sink holes and jagged rocks prevail.  The large amount of water in December running fiercely against the rocks creates a picturesque scene.

 สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว

Tat Ton Waterfall is on Highway 2173, which is about 6 kilometres off Highway 217.  This beautiful waterfall is created from Tat Ton Brook flowing past a stone platform and plunging onto the pain forming a basin large enough to swim in.  The water is cool and clear.  The area is surrounded by forest and flowering shrubs.

There is accommodation for tourists at the park, and prior reservation is needed by contacting Tel. 5790529, 5794842 .

Heo Sin Chai Cave is on Highway 2222, about 7 kilometres before reaching Amphoe Khong Chiam, turn left for about 2 kilometres,  It is on the same route as Kaeng Tana.  The cave is a Buddhist center with a beautiful reclining Buddha image. This center is famous for its strict discipline.  It is hilly around the temple with many big rocks, trees, and beautiful flowers.  Besides, there is also a waterfall cascading down the cliff to the area in fron of the reclining Buddha image making the place very cool and beautiful.

Wat Tham Khu Ha Sawan is on Highway 222 about 6 kilometres before reaching Khong Chiam District.  The temple was built in 1978 by “Luang Pu Kam Khaning Chula Main.”  It was his residence and place of meditation while he was still alive.  Despite th fact that he passd away many years ago, his body remains in perfect condition, so his diciples keep it in a glass coffin to worship it.  There are scenic spots for tourists to admire the beauty of the Mae Khong River and the Laotian border.

The Bi-coloured River or the Mun River’s alluvium is the place where two rivers join: the Brown Mae Khong and the Blue Mun River.  It is located in Khon Chiam District about 84 kilometres from Ubon Ratchathani city center.

Pakmun Dam is constructed from stone reinforced with clay soil across the Mun River at Ban Huawhe in Amphoe Khong Chiam.  With clay soil across the Mun River at Ban Huawhe in Amphoe Khong Chiam.  With a width of 17 metres and a length of 300 metres, the dam facilitates agriculture and generates electricity.  It is located approximately 75 kilometres from town, or about 6 kilometres far from the area where the Mekong River meets the Mun River.  It is possible to travel along the top of the dam wall as a short cut from Amphoe Khong Chiam to Amphoe Sirinthon without driving back to Amphoe Phibun Mangsahan.  In addition, cruising along the beautiful Mun River is possible from the end of the dam to the so-called bicoloured river, where the Mun River joins with the Mekong River.

Pha Taem National Park covers a total area of 140 square kilometers in Khong Chiam, Amphoe Si Muang Mai, and Amphoe Pho Sai.  It was announced officially as a national park on 31 December, 1991.  Plateaux and hills dominate the park’s Landscape.  There are sheer cliffs which are a result from earthquakes.  Most trees are of the deciduous dipterocarp forest.  Irregular shsped sandstone is found scattered in the area.  Beautiful flowering plants grow among the rocky ground.  Travelling can be made from Amphoe Khong Chiam along Highway No. 2134, followed by Highway No. 2112, and then turning right for another  5 kilometres.  The total distance is 18 kilometres.  Places of interest within the park are-

Sao Chaliang is on Highway 2112, about 11 kilometres from the office on the route to Pha Taem.  Sao Chaliang is a natural formation of rocks sitting one upon another forming a mushroom-like shape.  Fossils of sea shells, pebbles, and sand grains can be seen in big stone slabs believe that about a million years ago this area must have been a sea bed.

Pha Taem and Pha Mon  are on Highway 2112 about 98 kilometres from Ubon ratchathani, about 3 kilometres further from Sao Chaliang in Tambon Nong Phua Noi.  Pha Taem and Pha Mon are two steep cliffs overlooking the Mekong river with a clear view of Laos on the other sikde.  On the cliffs’ surface, there are prehistoric paintings dating back to 3,000-4,000 years ago reflecting the ancient way of life of the people who once lived in the area, such as buk fishing (Buk is a species of large scaleless fish found in the Mekong river), and rice farming.  Figures of people, animals, hands, and geometric designs were also depicted.

Tham Mut is in Ban Sa Som on Highway 2112, turning left and continuing for about 15 kilometres to Ban Thung Na Muang.  This is a cave some 4 metres wide and 6 metres high.  Inside there are many carved Buddha images, indicating that it used to be a place for religious ceremonies.

 สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว
 สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว

Soi Sawan Waterfall on Highway 2112, is 30 kilometres from Khong Chiam District.  It is a big waterfall cascading from two sides of steep cliffs about 20 metres high.  It resembles a necklace.  The water is plentiful all year round.  The area is surrounded with trees and various kinds of flowers.

Thung Na Muang Waterfall is on Highway 2112 about 12 kilometres from Soi Sawan Waterfall.  It is a beautiful medium-sized fall and is near the road.  The water cascades down the rocks; the highest level is about 25 metres.  The area is full of blossoming plants.

 สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว

Saengchan Waterfall (Ru Waterfall) is only 1 kilometre from thung Na Muang Waterfall on Highway 2112.  It is a very beautiful waterfall with a special characteristic of its own-that is the water will fall down through a rock pipe looking like the full moon shining onto the world.  Around the area, large and small rocks are scattered together with many kinds of trees.  Below is a cave very suitable for camping.

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