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Koh Sukorn, Trang

is a Tambon in Palian, only 3 kilometres from shore via the Trang-Palian road (Highway No. 404). The island has many lovely beaches. In addition, it is renowned in the province for its delicious watermelons, which is abundant in March and April. To get there, take a bus on Trang-Palian route or a van from Amphoe Muang for approximately 35 kilometres and cross a ferry at Tha Kham Pier in Palian. Boats leave twice daily at 10.00 hrs. and 14.00 hrs. The trip takes 40 minutes. Alternatively, embark a boat at Ta-se Pier in King Amphoe Hat Samran by using Highway no. 404, turn right at Ban Na intersection and drive for around 18 kilometres and then left for another 7 kilometres or so. The total traveling time is 20-30 minutes. The boat rent is 500 baht for 10 people. There is tourist accommodation on the island.