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Koh Kradan, Trang

is the most beautiful island in the Trang. It has an area of 600 acres. Most of the island (5/6) is under the responsibility of Hat Chao Mai National Park. The rest are privately owned rubber and coconut plantations. The island offers good restaurants and accommodation for tourists. The most striking feature of Ko Kradan is its powdery white beach and crystal-clear water that permits a great view of the coral reef underneath that stretches from the beach’s northern end to the coast. A variety of colourful fish inhabit the shallow water corals. Ko Kradan is to the west of Ko Muk and Ko Libong. Visitors can take a boat from Park Meng Pier to Ko Kradan. The trip takes 1.30 hours.

Koh Kradan

Ko Kradan, Trang

Koh Kradan Beach