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Border market at Chong Chom

In the former time, Chong Chom was the biggest and most convenient channel to Cambodia. The Kui passed through this channel to raid wild elephants in Cambodia, while villagers walked back and forth to buy necessities in the other country. Chong Chom has been developed into a border market to export necessities into Cambodia, together with its counterpart on the Cambodian side. Most goods sold here barely differ from those in other border markets, but Chong Chom is nevertheless noted for rattan basketry and mats, smoked seat, and wooden furniture. Tourists have to pay customs tax for some goods. Horns, skins and wild animals are prohibited from importing into Thailand.

The market opens on Saturday – Sunday during 08.30 am. – 04.00 pm.. Tourists can cross the border into Cambodia simply by informing names, addresses, and number of persons in the group to the immigration officers.