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Buffalo Village, Suphanburi
They certainly have quite alot of water buffalos here. All sorts of different types, as well as pygmy water buffalos and albino water buffalos not seen in most zoos. Visitors can pat and touch some of the gentle animals and farmers are there to tell you all about the water buffalos and how they are used in farming, in Thai of course. They also have a nice selection of rare birds in cages that you can get near, some of which have absolutely the strangest chips and calls that I have ever heard.
The village often has Thai weddings being performed. Thai weddings can take an entire day so if there is one going on you will probably see some of it. There are a couple of small food stand areas to get drinks from and escape the sun. A souvenior shop offers all sorts of traditional Thai handicrafts, buffalo T-shirts, and a nice selection of Thai wines. All in all its an interesting place. There is a very small fee to enter the park. Children will probably have fun here and get some education as well. The Buffalo Village is open 9:00 to 9:00 every day.