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The Sukhothai Historical Park, Sukhothai
This is located 12 kms. from town on the Sukhothai-Tak Highway. It is open daily 08.30-16.30 hrs. Admission fee is 40 baht. Ruins of the royal palaces, Buddhist temples, the city gates, walls, moats, dams, ditches, ponds, canals, and the water dyke control system, which was the magical and spiritual center of the kingdom, are now preserved and have been restored by the Fine Arts Department with the cooperation of UNESCO, not only with a view of fostering Thailand's national identity but the safeguarding a fine example of mankind's cultural heritage. The tourist Service Center is near Wat Phra Phai Luang. The center provides information and facilitates visitors to the Sukhothai Historical Park, as well as displays models of historical buildings and structures in old Sukhothai. Places of interest are as follows:-