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Si Sa Kes is 571 kilometres from Bangkok. This is another province in the lower Northeast that received Khmer influence. Several interesting Khmer historical sites are in the province.

Si Sa Ket has an area of 8,840 square kilometres, comprising the following districts: Mueang Si Sa Ket, Kanthararom, Kantharalak, Khun Han, Phrai Bung, Khukhan, Prang Ku, Uthumphon Phisai, Rasi Salai, Yang Chum Noi, Huai Thap Than, Non Khun, Si Rattana, Wang Hin, Bueng Bun, Nam Kliang, Phu Sing, Benchalak, Mueang Chan, Pho Si Suwan and
Sila Lat.

 City PillarShrine                     

The city pillar shrine is near the provincial hall. This square structure is decorated with marble and stained glass.

 Si Sa Ket Zoo

This zoo is in Rama IX Chaloem Phra Kiat Forest Park in Non Nong Kwang, 4 kilometres from the provincial hall. It is a good place to relax and to see wild animals in the zoo.

 Somdet Phra Si Nakharin Park

This is a large public park inside an agricultural college 2 kilometres from the provincial hall. At the park one can see flowering shrubs called Lamduan that are the official plants of the province. Lamduan is a Thai flower that is at its most enchanting when it blooms from March to April as its sweet fragrance covers the whole area.

 Wat Phra That Rueang Rong

This temple is 8 kilometres away on the Si Sa Ket-Yang Chum Noi road. The site has a traditional design. The area is used for religious ceremonies and as a museum to display the life of Isan tribes such as Lao, Khmer, Suai, and Yoe.



 Khao Phra Wihan National Park

This park covers an area along the Thai-Cambodian border. Tourist attractions in the park include viewpoints on a cliff and a khmer bas-relief. The park is at the end of Highway No. 221, 36 kilometres south of the district office and 98 kilometres from Si Sa Ket town.


Pha Mo I Daeng, a major attraction of the park, is a wide rock plateau on a high cliff on the Thai-Cambodian border. This is a good spot to view the Phanom Dong Rak range and Khao Preah Vihear sanctuary 1 kilometre away in Cambodia. A chapel here houses the Nak Prok Buddha image and the oldest Khmer-style bas-relief in Thailand from the 15th Buddhist century.

 Namtok Phu La-O

This is a medium-sized waterfall at its loveliest in the rainy season. It is on the Ban Phumisaron-Ban Samrong Kiat road. A 2.5-kilometre road on the left then leads to the waterfall. One can find interesting flora along the way which makes for fine nature study.

 Prang Chong Don Tuan

This is on a steep cliff in the Phanom Dong Rak mountain range near the Thai-Cambodian border, 8 kilometres from Ban Phumisaron or 38 kilometres from the district office. This small Khmer site has a square pagoda built of brick, a doorway of stone and a lion guarding the entrance.

 Prasat Khao Phra Wihan

Prasat Khao Phra Wihan or the Preah Vihear Sanctuary is a grand historical site and the centre of a Khmer community on the highlands of Cambodia. The site was built during the 16th-17th Buddhist century and is more than 600 metres above level ground. Though physically in Cambodia, the sanctuary is easier to reach from the Thai side. From Pha Mo I Daeng, there is a 2-kilometre footpath with historical sites lined all the way to the mountaintop. The sanctuary offers a spectacular view of the Cambodian lowlands.

Khun Han

 Namtok Huai Chan

This is 24 kilometres from the district office on the Kanthrom-Ban Samrong Kiat road. The fall drops down several rock levels and has water the year round.

 Namtok Samrong Kiat

Located 20 kilometres from the district office, this medium-sized waterfall originates from a stream in the Banthat mountain range. Above the fall is a rock plateau. It is at its most beautiful in the rainy season.

 Prasat Tamnak Sai

Prasat Tamnak Sai is 19 kilometres from the district office on the way to Samrong Kiat waterfall. This site is a single square pagoda made of brick while the lintel and the doorway are made of sandstone. A Narai Banthom Sin lintel was discovered here. Two stone Singha (lions) guard the entrance.

 Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaeo

Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaeo or Wat Lan Khuat is about 70 kilometres from Amphoe Mueang. The temple is wonderfully decorated with numerous colored bottles.

Prang Ku


 Prasat Ban Samo               

Prasat Ban Samo is 10 kilometres southeast of Prang Ku. A laterite wall surrounds this small Khmer site. The square pagoda has a lintel above a fake doorway facing the south. An ancient pool lies beyond the wall.

 Prasat Prang Ku

Prasat Prang Ku is 10 kilometres from the district office. Prang Ku is a small Khmer site built of large laterite slabs. It is over a thousand years old. The front part has a large pool that is the habitat of waterfowls in the dry season.

 Prasat Ta Leng

Prasat Ta Leng is at Ban Prasat, Tambon Kanthrarom, 20 kilometres from the district office. A square pagoda adorns the site. The front doorway still has clear, beautiful designs. The sanctuary was built around the 16th-17th Buddhist century.

Uthumphon Phisai


 Prasat Wat Sa Kamphaeng Noi

This khmer sanctuary is at Ban Klang, 14 kilometres from the district office on the road to Si Sa Ket. The site consists of a pagoda, a building made of laterite and a pool. Built in the 16th Buddhist century as a religious place, it received extensions in the 18th Buddhist century to also become a community medical centre.

 Prasat Wat Sa Kamphaeng Yai

This is at Ban Kamphaeng, 22 kilometres from Amphoe Mueang and 2 kilometres before Uthumphon Phisai district office. This large Khmer sanctuary has 3 pagodas on the same base. The main pagoda is the middle one built of sandstone and bricks. Its beautiful shape is still intact. Lintels, Buddha images, fired clay Buddha image prints, and bronze artwork have been found here. This sanctuary was built in the 16th Buddhist century as an offering to the god Shiva. It was later transformed into a Buddhist temple in the Mahayana sect in the 18th Buddhist century.

Huai Thap than


 Prasat Ban Prasat

This is 39 kilometres from Si Sa Ket town and 7 kilometres on a road on the right. This Khmer structure was renovated after it was finished. The site comprises 3 square pagodas with a pointed top and all on the same laterite base. All were built in the 16th Buddhist century.

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