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City of Art and Culture 
Beaches of Long, White Sand

The city of Songkhla today is a simple country town compared with the hustle and bustle of Hay Yai.  Even so, there are museums and archaeological and historical sites.  Many parks grace the center of the city.  The beaches facing the Gulf of Thailand, especially those Laem Samila show another aspect of a city enlivened by all kinds of out door sports.

 สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว
  Laem Simila  

1.      Old Quarter of the City The old quarter is located along the roads of Nang Ngam, Nakhon Nai, Nakhon Nok, Yala, Yaring and Pattani.  Besides the historical buildings, the life of te inhabitants, though simple, is captivating and worth seeing.  Many quaint old shops still offer their wares and services, such as those selling necessities for monks, those repairing classic brand-name bicycles like Raleigh, those selling home-made spicy dip and chips.

The Nang Ngam Road has many restaurants, traditional coffee shops, and shops selling local Thai and Chinese specialties.  The shop near the theater sells Yen Ta Fo.   For a scenic tour around on a local tuk tuk rented from Nagn Ngam Hotel.  


2.      City Pillar Shrine Locally called San Chaopho Lak Muang, the shrine was erected when the city was first built.  


3.  Hat Samila Administered by the Water Sports Center and Songkhla Metropolitan, the Samila Beach is clean, well managed and fully equipped.  The beach is designated a green area under the supervision of the Royal Thai Navy, from which highrise construction has been banned, thus ensuring the sustained beauty of the beach.  

 สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว
  The mermaid of Songkhla  

Outdoors activities Diverse waterfront activities at Hat Samila put safety first.  Regular weather and tide forecasts suggest appropriate activities.  Use of safety vests is urged.  Swimming is best from March to August. Contact  : Samila Sea Sports. Songkhla Naval Sailing Club, Chalathat Road. Tel. (01) 897-3411, (01) 897-3416.  Service is available during 02.00 pm. – 6.00 pm.  On weekends, but not during heavy tide and wind.  


4.      Khao Tang Kuan At the altitued of 2.00 feet are some notable sights. Phrathat Chedi Luang This Thawarawadi art was constructed during the Nakhon Si Thammarat Kingdom and renovated in the reign of King Rama IV. The stucco ornament on the western gable depicts his crown and tiers. Sala Wihan Daeng and the Lighthouse.  The lighthouse was built by Phraya Wichian Khiri in 1897.  


5.      Songkha National Museum The museum, formerly the residence of the Songkhla Governor, has a Chinese architecutural style.  It was built by Phraya Sunthararak (Net Na Songkhla), the assistant Governor of Songkhla during 1878-1894.  It displays southern folk art and crafts.  Thawarawadi and Siwichai artifacts, prehistoric finds, old Thai and Chinese ceramics, art objects of the southern peninsula.  Chinese furniture room.  Na Songkhla room, a room displaying wood carving which were once parts of the museum building itself and Thai Art History room.  The Museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 09.00 am. – 04.00 pm..   The entrance fee is 10 baht for Thai citizens and 30 baht for foreign visitors.  For guided group tour, contact Tel. (074) 311728.  


6.      Pathammarong Museum Built at  the spot once occupied by Khun Vinit Than-takam (Bueng Tinnasulanonda, the father of highly respected former Prime Minister General Prem Tinnasulanonda), when he served as Songkhla warden.  This Thai house was built according to the recollections of General Prem Tinnasulanonda as a memorial to his family.  Inside is a display of utensils and the history of this well-known family.  General Prem Named this museum Phathammarong or Warden’s Museum.  The museum is open daily from 08.30 am. – 04.00 pm. Except on Mondays and on the holidays.


7.       Yai Si Wat Matchmawat The most important temple was built in the late Ayutthaya period.  Once called Wat Chan, it became known as Wat Klang (the middle temple) when Wat Liap and Wat Pho were built to sandwich it.  Somdet Phra Maha Samana Chao Krom Phraya Wachirayan Warorot Gave its present name in 1888, as the city moved from the western to the eastern bank of the Lake.  He used its hall for ceremony to swear an oath of allegiance, which has been held annually since then.

Mural Painting.  A picture of the bustling Songkhla port at  Hua Khao eaeng, as busy then as it is today.  Murals The mural paintings on the spaces between windows depict the ten previous lives of the Buddha.  Phra Ubosot or Chapel The Ubosot was constructed during King Rama I’s reign, and renovated in applied Thai-Chinese style during King Rama III and IV’s reigns.  The mural paintings remain in good condition.  Sala Ruesi Dat Ton Dating from the reign King Rama IV, this western-styled structure is a medical textbook in itself, engraved with pictures and teachings about medicine and beneficial yoga practices. Phattharasin Sangwon Museum Also called Matchimawat National Museum, it was established in 1939 and is open from Wednesday to Sunday.  The building once served as a congregation hall.  Many Buddha images and antiques found in Songkhla, Sathing Phra, Ranot in the southern region, have been collected here.  Sao Takiap Stone The stone flagpole is carved with beautiful designs inscribed with Chinese characters stating that it was erected in the 7th year of the reign Phra Chao Kae Teng (in 1802)  7- storied Chinese pagoda is similar to the one at Wat Suwan Khiri, Amphoe Singha Nakhon.  It was built in the same period, i.e. 1798, by Chao Phraya Phichai Khiri (Bunhui Na Songkhla).  Nai Thawanlaban guards the doors in all four directions.  Gateway is an eclectic creation, combining Chinese and European motifs, a style popular during the reigns of the first four kings of the Chakkri Dynasty.

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