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Koh Tarutao, Satun
the biggest island in the park where the park office is situated. The main island of Tarutao used to be a jail for convicts but now tourists can walk along trails to beaches and cliffs. The ruined prisons are found at Ao Talo Udang, on the southern tip of island and at Ao Talowao, on the middle of east coast. The island contains several bays including Ao Phante Malaka with a hilltop viewpoint; Ao Mo Lae and Ao Son. Tarutao’s largest stream, Klong Phante Malaka, enters the sea at the north – western tip of the island at Ao Phante Malaka. Pier and bungalow are also here. The best camping is at the beaches of Ao Jak and Ao Son, two bays south of the park headquarters on the west coast.