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Saraburi Attractions

Saraburi, the province of historical sites, the holy footprint, the beauty of nature, and famous food, is located some 108 kilometres from Bangkok. Travelling to and around Saraburi could be made in one day. The province is administratively divided into 13 districts: Muang Saraburi, Nong Saeng, Sao Hai, Ban Mo, Phra Phutthabat, Nong Don, Kaeng Khoi, Muak Lek, Wang Muang, Wihan Daeng, Nong Khae, Don Phut, and Chaloem Phra Kiat.

Saraburi, City

Khao Khrok

The park has mountains of various sizes and plains in the valley. The highest peak is Khao Khrok which is some 329 metres high. Visitors can see a clear view of the town and neighbouring districts from here. The park is also home to pheasants, jungle fowls, barking deer, monkeys, wild boars, and birds of various species, especially Princess Sirindhorn Bird or the White-eyed River Martin. Khao Sam Lan National Park offers several waterfalls: Sam Lan waterfall is a wide stone plateau that falls down 3 levels and is similar to stairs. Pho Hin Dat waterfall  is 300 metres from the park office and has a wide stone plateau and a single-level waterfall which is suitable for swimming. Ton Rak Sai waterfall is some 300 metres from the park office and 500 metres from Pho Hin Dat waterfall, and originates from the same stream as Pho Hin Dat waterfall. The lively stream flows through Pho Hin Dat waterfall before running into Ton Rak Sai waterfall, a 7-metre one-level waterfall. Touring around these attractive waterfalls can be made within 2-3 hours on walking trails where visitors will not have to use the same trail on their return.

In addition, there are other splendid waterfalls that can be reached by walking for some distance from the park office: Khao Daeng waterfall  (800 ms.), Kuak Ma waterfall  (2 kilometres), Krok I Wo waterfall (3 kilometres), and Nang Chon waterfall (6 kilometres)

The park offers camping sites for eighty persons (visitors must bring sleeping bags by themselves). For visitors who bring their own tents, the park accommodates campsites. Call the National Park Division, Royal Forestry Department, Bang Khen at 0-2561-4292 ext. 724-725, 0-2579-5734 and 0-2579-7223.


Khao Sam Lan National Park

The Khao Sam Lan National Park covers 4 districts: Mueang, Kaeng Khoi, Nong Khae, and Wihan Daeng and occupies an area of 44 square kilometers. It was declared a national park on June 2, 1981. October to January (winter season in Thailand) is the best time to visit. Located 16 kilometres south of the town along the Bangkok-Saraburi route Highway No. 1 (Mittraphap Road), it is accessible by routes along Km. 102 or Km. 104. The National Park can also be reached by taking the bus to Saraburi town, and then renting a van or a local truck to the park.


Phu Khae Botanical Garden      

This Botanical Garden is located in Phu Khae district, 17 kilometres from town along the Saraburi-Lop Buri route (Phahonyothin Road). It collects various kinds of plants for study and breeding. The vast expanse of garden and the flowing stream are suitable places for relaxation. The garden is open daily from 08.00-18.00.  


Tham Si Wilai

This cave is in Wat Tham Si Wilai at Tambon Na Phra Lan, some 22 kilometres from Saraburi town. The cave houses Phra Phutthanaowarat, a Buddha image of the Chiang Saen period as well as beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations. From here, visitors could appreciate scenic views of mountain ranges. 


Wat Phra Phutthachai

Wat Phra Phutthachai is on Khao Patthawi in Tambon Nong Pla Lai. It can be reached by taking the same route as Khao Sam Lan National Park. At Km. 102, there is a 5-km. access road and then follow the road sign. It enshrines Phra Phutthachai or the picture of Lord Buddha appearing on a cliff wall. A cone-shaped structure or Mondop was built to cover the picture. Stairs were built from the temple area to the Mondop and go onward to the cliff that is over the Mondop. There are interesting prehistoric paintings on the cliff: behind the door area, there are drawings of animals (deer). Beside the door, there are pictures of hands and symbols. The west of Phra Phutthachai is the Ascetic Cave, where there are paintings of chickens, Buddha images and symbols. The Cho Po Ro cliff wall has large, sophisticated drawings like the paintings of the prehistoric period that were found at Pha Taem in Ubon Ratchathani. The drawings were painted with wood oil, dating from 3,000 years ago. They represent the communication symbols of the same group and presumably were ritual mediums and reflect the beliefs of people of those times. 


World War II Memorial of the Japanese Army (Khao Daeng)

This is located in Khao Sam Lan National Park, next to the south of Wat Phra Phutthachai. There are bomb craters from made by Japanese forces in World War II. 


Saraburi, Sao Hai

Sao Ronghai

Sao Ronghai  is in Chao Mae Takhian Tong Shrine at Wat Sung, Tambon Sao Hai. It is located 500 meters from Sao Hai District Office. It is a large pillar, which is believed to be a female spirit because offerings people give to this pillar are all female items. According to legend, when Bangkok was built as the capital, there was a decree that the most beautiful pillars from all over the country would be taken to Bangkok for selection to find the City Pillar.

Saraburi sent a nearly perfect pillar by floating it down the Pa Sak River. However, it arrived just after the selection of another pillar was made and it was designated as a secondary pillar instead. If it had arrived in time, it would have been chosen as the city pillar because of its large size and unmatched beauty. The pillar became very sad and floated itself back to Saraburi where it later sank. Afterwards, villagers would report hearing crying sounds. Hence, the name of the Tambon as Tambon Sao Ronghai and its subsequent name of “Amphoe Sao Hai.”


Wat Khao Kaeo Worawihan
is located in palm on the right side of the river Forest, in the days of his Majesty of King Mongkuts, หัวฯ ravines cities when the Sao Hai District please, to create the tabernacle, sat in the area Tha stone slope he glass front of the temple which is a beautiful place, vol. quiet as well as the temple of the starters, and establish a royal temples
with tradition, in a propitious day to see jewel bright over the temple Wat glass he always considered a miracle of the show invoking the container in the LORD Buddha Temple pagoda temple, and his glasses.


Wat samut pradittharam
is located in the Tambon garden is a royal temples in the picture a mural in the church very beautiful and during the month of November-December of every year there is the traditional boat race at the temple.


Bung Wat Phet
located in Tambon Ban Yang is the source of water in the nature of one another, which is a beautiful scenery is located about 53 rai.


Bung Ngow
in the district of old is the source of water, nature is an area of approximately 90 rai can store water throughout the year and a beautiful point


Saraburi, Baanmo
Muang Keedhin
Sena royal city or MuangParantapa in the ancient Khmer days at present only hill surrounded by a Khok high in the middle called "Khok castle, there has never been dug up the Buddha found naagprok representation at the landing, said that it is a landing for the king is a legend associated with literature Ramakian story by that time, Rama, crime suppression Division when Phana Sur; and gave him land to Hanuman, and gorilla Hanuman. city residents Lawo (at present, in Lop Buri Province) and gorilla city residents Sena royal city or town scratches giantess



Saraburi, Phra Phutthabat

 Wat Phra Phutthabat   
 สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว
 สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว
 สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว

This temple is located in Tambon Khun Khlon, 28 kilometres north of the town, turn left 1 km. before arriving in Phra Phutthabat district. The important historical site here is “Lord Buddha’s Footprint " that was found on a stone panel near Suwan Banpot Hill or Satchaphanthakhiri Hill. Lord Buddha’s Footprint measures 21 inches wide, 5 feet long, and 11 inches deep. The footprint was discovered during the reign of King Songtham of Ayutthaya. The footprint had 108 religious aspects, so he commanded a temporary Mondop be built to cover the footprint and it has been refurbished several times.

The Mondop is a square building, has a seven-tier castle roof and each is roofed with green glazed tiles. Each level is decorated with an arch supported by wood, gold and colored glasses. The external walls are also decorated with gold and coloured glasses in the shapes of mythological gods and lotus top. The pearl inlaid artwork on the Mondop doors represents one of the best craftsmanship in the country. The Mondop entrance has three Naga (mythicalserpents) stairs, each conveying the meaning of silver, gold, and glass stairs that stretch from the heavens. A five-headed Naga cast in bronze flanks the stairs. The Mondop is surrounded by bells, which visitors can rap to make merit. The surrounding ubosot and vihara were built according to the architecture of the Ayutthaya and early Rattanakosin periods.

In the temple compound there is the Phra Phutthabat National Museum which displays various precious artifacts including King Songtham’s attire, ceramics, bronzeware, old weapons, a replica of Lord Buddha’s footprint, an old Mondop top, “Phat Yot” (ecclesiastical fans) from various periods, and the pipe dating from the King Narai period. The Phra Phutthabat Festival is held twice a year, during the eighth day of the waxing moon until the first day of the waning moon in the third month and the fourth month of the lunar calendar.

Bo Phran Lang Nuea is a small stone well near the temple. At the mouth of the well are knee prints. There are stone slopes and a deep hole the size of a milk can near the well. The water that flows from the hole is believed to be holy water. According to legend, Bun, a hunter who found Lord Buddha’s Footprint, washed game meat at this well by kneeling down and the small hole was made from his spear which was stuck into the ground. There is a continuous flow of water from the well.  



The palace than Kasem
is located in the Tambon Khun Klon Rim Than Tongdang, which is a stream flows through Bahts built in the days when his Majesty King Prasat Thong current but a carcass to lie in ruins and the wall


Bor Pranlang
Located in the vicinity to Wat Phra Phutthabat is a small quarry, after a change to make added pit, the new pit area there is a knee, near Bo, a stone slope and a deep down to size canned milk water that flows from the hole, it is believed that
there is a holy water legend, that the hunter foster, the baht was found the footprints of the flesh, and wash the pit. On his knees and bent wash his flesh in the hole and Bo canned milk, Pak his spear is the footprints of the hunter foster the quarry, Lat, there is a water flowing out of uninterrupted


Pratun Cave
In the Tambon Khun Klon far from Bahts about 3 km a chedi at his Majesty King Mongkut, the head and he built it to contain relics in the same period last year there are many caves Maha was fun and Cave castle the universe


Phra That Cave
It is far from Wat Phra Phutthabat to the south at about 8 kilometers is located at the top of his high about 100 meters, the beautiful cave and within a Buddha image to place.


Thepnimintteanthongdaeng Cave
in the Wat Phu Kham Banpot Tambon Pukamchan, runs the dish is the source of archeology prehistoric times in caves and in the mountains is found antiques of human Stone Age new at the end of a similar nature or like the variegated found the Ban Tha carrots at home, our hero and SAP champac at Lop Buri assume that human beings in those days, in this area may have the relationship.


Samnak song Tham Krabok
is located in the area mountain range to be clear to clear, Tambon Khun blow away from the city of Saraburi along the route, Phaholyothin Road about 25 km a place to keep patients on drugs is famous for monks presence where Cave-guns, this mother, coyly secretive pan Monday as the founder, when, in 2500, when his mother, coyly secretive died "Luang Poh remember true J pan Monday, which is a niece is the practice mission practicing, and has been awarded "the sprawling, Saitama, "when September 10 , 2518



Saraburi, Kaeng Khoi

Cruising Along the Pa Sak River The Pa Sak River

The Pa Sak River, which runs through the area of Kaeng Khoi district, offers beautiful scenery of forests and mountains along the river, hills and high cliffs, which have animal shapes. Boat trips are operated by some riverside resorts such as the Suphalai Pasak Resort tel. 0-3630-6270-2 and Bangkok 0-2260-2223-6. 


Tham Phra Phothisat      

This cave is located in the compound of Wat Tham Phra Phothisat, Tambon Thap Kwang, 32 kilometres from Saraburi town, 15 kilometres along Highway No. 2 (Mittraphap Road) to Nakhon Ratchasima and 11 kilometres along the access road following the road sign. The cave is situated in the middle of Khao Nam Phu. It houses a bas-relief Buddha image on the wall, a Lankan pagoda of the Dvaravati period as well as monumental stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is teeming with various kinds of trees. Tham Thammathat, Tham Lumphini, Tham Sangat Chedi and a stone garden can be seen in the area. 


Tham Phra That Charoen Tham

This cave is accessed via 2 routes: Drive for 12 kilometres from the town along Mittraphap Road and turn left to Kaeng Khoi district through the market and 8 kilometres over the Adireksan Bridge (which was built over Pa Sak River). Alternatively, drive for 15 kilometres from the town along Highway No. 1 (Lop Buri route) to Phu Khae Witthaya School and then drive for 10 kilometres from the Phu Khae-Kaeng Khoi Road (opposite the Phu Khae Witthaya School). 



Saraburi, Muak Lek

 Muak Lek Arboretum
 สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว ท่องเที่ยว

This arboretum is 37 kilometres from Saraburi town along Mittraphap Road. The entrance is on the left side and opposite the store of the Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand .It covers an area of 150 acres and is an intermediate forested area between Muak Lek district, Saraburi and Pak Chong district, Nakhon Ratchasima. The lively stream originates from the tributaries in Khao Yai National Park that flow into Pa Sak River that is the border between the two provinces. The stream has rock slopes and a small beautiful cascade. Along the stream are bridges and various kinds of plants and flowers.


Namtok Chet Sao Noi

Namtok Chet Sao Noi is a small waterfall at Tambon Muak Lek, on the same route as Namtok Muak Lek and continue on for another 9 kilometres on an asphalt road. The waterfall flows along a stream and has 7 levels. The height of each level is 4 metres and offers a spacious shady swimming area.  


Tham Dao Khao Kaeo

This cave is at Tambon Phaya Klang, 35 kilometres from Muak Lek district or 75 kilometres from Saraburi town. To visit the cave, visitors must climb the stairs from the foot of the hill to the mouth of the cave about 100 metres up. When the light shines on the cave’s cell, it will sparkle like beautiful red, black and brown stars. The beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations are on the cell and the wall.  


Saraburi, Wang Muang

Sunflower Fields

Sunflower Fields are found between Lop Buri and Saraburi along the Phatthana Nikhom-Wang Muang route. From December to January (Thai winter season), the sunflowers along the road attract all passersby when they are in full bloom.


Saraburi, Viharndaeng
Chedi Phra khun Mae
is located in the area Watklongmai, Tambon Nong Moo distance from the province about 42 kilometers to the line the highway 1, Phaholyothin Road toward Bangkok through rock pile and market Nong Khae prior to the bridge of Phi Phi banker to the junction which left told the entrance of the temple canal and then turn left, the Amphoe Nong Khae about 15 kilometers , to reach a chedi Khun mother is a chedi shape like Phra Pathom Chedi within a foot Bahts reproduction to place on the water-lilies with their sockets surrounded by the daily a chedi Khun mother of this built up in order to Kul children Kul daughter to remember and reward Khun mother


Saraburi, Nongkae
The Bird Garden
It is located in Baanlungtom, even as the former village, Moo 6 Tambon Phai low away from the province about 17 kilometers on the road number, No. 414 Paholyothin 1 km away until the. At 84 on the left hand to sign the measure to the masses in good faith, or call, the name of a bamboo temple low to turn left to about 800 meters this area has a residence of the birds, plants, for more than 50 years such as myna, Oriental magpie black, dove beckoned to the birds, small night heron and egret by the birds, these professionally since early in the morning and will fly back to his nest in the evening dinner compound near bamboo forests, with the area about 3 rai.


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