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Wat Nangsao, Samutsakorn
is located in Tambon Tha wood travel along the highway number 35 (Thonburi - Pak Tho) turn to the highway 3091 for about 5 kilometers, turn to Soi Wat Ms. 2 is about 1 kilometers from history, the temple a story that city Sakhon Buri is seaside in the south of the city, Si Ayutthaya when there is a war in Myanmar Thai group, had to evacuate had escaped the river Tha China elderly and women have brought together to hide in the church old later, the people of Thailand has helped against the Burmese military junta until it was the victory, and the migrants who came to have to settle down in the area, in this group has two brothers who had lived Church to escape from both the idea is to make rebuilding church new, but my sister saw that church fail so many people to build a temple new instead of his sister wanted to do in accordance with the Satjatit base of his own, if escape death to reconstruction, repair Church, to rebuild finished and the name "temple Phrom Jaree come to pass the villagers called "measured my sister "until now eccentric, as a "temple  Ms. "in the ancient temple of the Church, is based around a bend in the junk brick main entrance is only one door so called "church Maha Saudi "roof of corrugated traditional pottery tiles pluralistic above use logging road, and the beginning of the battlements pair is a sandstone small around the chapel in the area in front of the temple, with the river Tha China is also a park piscine consists of the herd of fish Sawai live on popular among tourists to feed their cattle, fish and visit.

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