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Khao Luang Cave, Phetchaburi

The cave is located at about 3 kilometers, away from the township inside Khao Luang. Visitors can easily walk up to the see colourful stalagmite and stalactities in the cave aerates a beautiful sun beam down a hall below and makes the cave airy. This big hall houses a lot of religious objects.

From the edge of the cave, visitors go down a slightly steep stairway about 10 meters long to the large hall full of old Buddha images, stupas and chedis. These historical objects built by the pilgrims of great faith include one 6 –meters reclining image of Buddha and a large image in the posture of subduing mara. ect. At the base of a statue inscribed the royal emblems of King Rama IV. Some images were built and many were restored by the royal remarks of King Rama IV.

There are yet several other caves on khao Luang and the whole area is cool and shady by ancient frangipani. The yard is lively with vendors selling fruits to visitors to feed monkeys which live on the hill.