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Ban Thung Tuk Ancient Town, Puan-nga

This remains are located on the back part of Tambon Ko Kho Khao, Mu 3 area, Amphoe Khura Buri between the ends of Muang Thong Canal and Thung Tuk Canal which is the mouth of Takua Pa River area. Characteristics of the area are sand, plain, covered with trees and some spots are brushes. The reason why it is generally called by the villagers, "Thung Tuk" is that there are at least three archaeological remains. They look similar to a building or sanctuary, on this sand plain in the brush area. Parts and components of a Bhraman religious place and religious symbols, such as stone carved into a pedestrian shape with a pit at the bottom, it looks like a base whereupon a Siva Linga or an idol is places. In addition, pieces of Chinaware, earthenware, colored glass containers as well as various types and colors of beads, Indian coins are scatteredly found on the ground of this Thung Tuk archaeological remains. The majority of archaeological expert has resolved that Thung Tuk was a location of an ancient port town where Indian, Arabians, and Malayans were so well acquainted due to its being an important spice market situated on the west bank of the Malayan Peninsular. It is located in a suitable locality having appropriate natural circumstances to anchor in safety from big storms. Besides its perfect natural resources, it is situated nearby the deep open sea where big vessels can access conveniently, and yet located on the mouth of Takua Pa River which is also the center of water communication.