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Koh Kred is an island in the Chao Phraya River in Nonthaburi Province, approximately opposite Donmuang Internation Airport to the dorder of Bangkok.

A village known as “Kwarn Ar- marn” or pottery village was established here more than two centuries ago, at the time when Thonburi, not Bangkok, was the capital of the Thai Kingdom During the reign of King Taksin The Great.

The villagers are Mons.  Their ancestors dwelt originally in Mon country (in Central and Southern parts of Myanmar).  In 1757 when Hongsawadi or Pegu the capital of Monland was sacked and destroyed by Burmese troops.  Thousands of Mon came to Thailand and the Burmese, the invader, occupies Monland since then.  The Thai Kingdom provided a refuge and they were permitted to settle down at Pak Kred, Koh Kred, Nonthaburi province.  Encouraged by King Taksin The Great of Thailand, they came there and extablished “Kwarn Ar-marn” a pottery village because they are skilled potters.  They set up kilns to produce many types of domestic wares such as jars, pots, bowls, and mortars needed for everyday use by the people.  Their produces are considered to be among the most practical as well as the most beautiful of all unglazed earthenware.