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Koh Phi Phi Le, Krabi

an island of steep cliffs, covers a total area of 6.6 sq.m. A small bay called "Pi Le" reaches into a valley and gives a lake-like scenery. This part of the sea is almost encircled by steep cliffs. The waters are still, clear, and deep. To the South of Pi Le, is a small bay which hides in a fold of a steep rock. This is called "Lo Sa Ma". Another attraction is Tham Viking, a huge, vast, and airy cave which is home to a large number of swallows. On the cave walls are ancient paintings of sailing sips similar to those used by ancient Vikings. Near the entrance, there is a spectacular collection of stalagmites and stalactites.

In 1972 Tham Viking was renamed Tham Phaya Nak or The Great Serpent Cave by H.M. the king because of a serpent like rock inside.