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Wat Pichainavad, Chainat
This is the temple is located in ancient house ocean amphoe hankha away from the city Chai Nat, 38 kilometers. assume that built in the days Ayutthaya in the middle age not less than 300 years within the church, built in the middle of the President of the pool is sacred is " Luang Poh, "A Buddha image Pa Lelai mold with mortar. sat hanging from the Baht 4-54 meters assume that create a centimeter the President of the country, there was a we forgave her shook his head to the war because the area, which the army from Myanmar travel through the construction is still not finished, lack of an elephant and monkey until now the temple fair worship teired set to celebrate moon festival between three months twelfth full moon festival and two regularly every year
temple Phichai a commander (Wat Ban Ocean) is a temple located in Moo old 10 Ban ocean, hankha, Chai Nat is sacred Luang Poh, the worship of the district and nearby districts very hankha