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Wat Sraket, Golden Mountain
Golden Mountain or Wat Sraket is an artificial hill, made out of mud and brick by King Rama III (1800s). Then King Rama IV started the construction of the Chedi at the summit. It was not like what it is today. Later on, King Rama V built more structure to complete the Golden Mountain. Since then, minor renovation and constructions have been taken place. On the top, you can view all Bangkok. The large golden chedi is there. The best thing about going to this temple are the bells that line the route up. There will be about ten bells in a row. Ring each for good luck Admission is free except for the final approach to the top, which cost 10 baht. Open daily from 8:00 am. to 5:00 pm. Tel. (02)621-0576, (02)233-4561

Wat Sraket

Bhiman Inn
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Viengtai Hotel
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