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Tarnboke Koranee National Park, Krabi

Tarnboke Koranee National Park is made of several natural streams flowing down to basins of different sizes and at different levels, creating many small waterfalls. The water is emerald green reflecting the cool, green forest.

Tharn Bok Korani

Waterfall of Than Bok Kornee

Comment# 1 at: 2010-06-24 17:18:20 Comment by: TT

Entrance to Than Bokkoranee national park

Comment# 2 at: 2010-06-24 17:21:15 Comment by: TT

I sounded echo of cicada and waterfall.
And found this fall.

Comment# 3 at: 2010-06-24 17:24:58 Comment by: TT

farview of little cave while the water is flowing down.

Comment# 4 at: 2010-06-24 17:27:34 Comment by: TT

don't want to wait till the night arrives.
I should leave now...