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Sa Kaeo Krabi

composed of eight small natural swamps in a vast valley of Tambon Khao Thong.  This forms part of a park which is being turned into recreational area.  Sa Kaeo is accessible by the Krabi-Nai Sa route (Highway No.4034), a distance of 28 kms.

Comment# 1 at: 2014-04-07 17:59:58 Comment by: Sri

I have just been to Sarika waterfall last Saturday and ieednd it is a beautiful place. We climbed up to the 2nd tier of the waterfall and the view of the park from up there is breathtaking. There's even fish in the pool.

Comment# 2 at: 2014-04-08 15:34:29 Comment by: FerPonce

I'm replying to my own reply. I <a href="">thhugot</a> you were talking about Hang Nak Mountain trail but, I think now you were talking about Wat Tum Sua! Yes? That would make a lot more sense! I've done Wat Tum Sua steps in 12:01 but that was when I weighed 8kg less than now. Now maybe 14 mins. There's a 71 year old guy that does the steps in 15 minutes and has done them 4 times in a row in 3 hours. I've only done 3 in a row in less than 2 hours. You talking Tum Sua or Hang Nak?



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