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Mu Koh Lanta National Park, Krabi

comprises of many different-sized island, some of which are surrounded by beautiful coral reefs such as Ko Ha, Ko Rok and Ko Hai. The main island in the park is Ko Lanta Yai, where both the District Headquarters and National Park Office are located. The island itself is generally rugged and mountainous. There are beaches both gravelly and sandy toward the South. The suitable time to visit Ko Lanta is from November to April.
Ko Lanta is also home to "Chao Le" or sea gypsies. They still maintain their old way of life and have peculiar traditions, such as setting a boat adrift to drive out evil and bring good luck. This is done during the full moon in June and in November.

Almost all of attractions located on the west shores of the island. There is various activities for your favourite choices e.g. trekking, diving, sea canoeing, swimming, sight-seeing the old town and the light house at the Southernmost of the island.

Travel to Ko Lanta

Boats depart from downtown Krabi to Ko Lanta Yai daily. The journey takes 2 and a half hours. Boat tickets are available at Chaofa Pier.

By car, you can reach Koh Lanta by ferry and road from Ban Hua Hin(pier) on the mainland across from Koh Lanta Noi, from Ban Baw Meuang, farther South.

Tourists may take a minibus from Krabi Town to Bo Muang Pier in Amphoe Khlong Thom, 80 kms. away. Few boats depart from Bo Muang Pier to Ko Phi Phi daily. The trip take about 45 minutes.

Contact TAT Krabi Office (Tel: (075) 612740) for current information.


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