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Ao Maya and Loh Sama, Krabi

scenic coves on the island's western and South-eastern shores, are favourite stops for day-tripping snorkelers. Although once pristine, the corals at these coves have been marred by bad anchoring and the beaches littered with rubbish jettisoned by people on tour boats. In 1999, a Hollywood film company spent about two months shooting scenes for the motion picture "the Beach".

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Ao Maya or Maya Bay is a small beach, 2 kms from Phi Phi Don.

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Ao Maya is the highlighted place of all visitors who come to Koh Phi Phi. You may hire a long-tailed boat from Tonsai Bay easily.

Rate should be about 1200 Bht for a half day trip.

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Off 45 kms from Krabi Town, Ao Maya is in Phi Phi Le which is the south of Phi Phi archipelago.

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It is renown of the crystalized beach, hidden by the cliff wall.

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That's why this beach was not destroyed by the giant Tsnamic wave.

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Some tourists visits here to make a test of rock climbing. However, a good school is in Railay.

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He is a good trainer of rock climbing.

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Swimming and sunbathing are the popular activities here.

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Since it is a short beach, you can walk in 7 minutes from East to West.

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Tourists are more crowded during the high season: November to April.

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I myself prefer to take pictures of the beach and boats.

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Hua Thong Boat (long-tailed boath with engine) is symbol of Krabi. There is a conservation of this kind of boat.

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Hua Thong Boat is a local boat, made and used in South of Thailand, esp Andaman Sea. It is a small-sized boat with the curve-shape (like peg) head.

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If you travel from Koh Phi Phi, I'd like suggest this kind of boat, rather than a modern speed boat.

Of course, it runs slower but cheaper and less energy consuming.

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If you travel from Phuket, you have no choice but a modern speed boat coz your limited time of the trip.

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Good time of arrival is 14:00-16.00 hrs. Nice time of relaxing and swimming. If you love sunbathing, you should be here at noon.

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Ao Maya is a part of Nopparatthara-Mu Koh Phi Phi Natural Marine Park.

Therefore, there is an admission fee 400 Baht/adult.

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Snack Bar near the ranger unit

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restrooms are proved behind the ranger unit.

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The end of the trekking path, there is a hole thru Loh Sama.

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The Beach Movie
Controversy arose during the making of the film The Beach due to 20th Century Fox bulldozing and rescaping of the natural beach setting of Ko Phi Phi Leh to make it more "paradise-like". The production altered some sand dunes and cleared some coconut trees and grass to widen the beach. Fox set aside a fund to reconstruct and return the beach to its natural state, however lawsuits were filed as many believed the damage to the ecosystem is permanent and restoration attempts failed.

The lawsuits dragged on for years. In 2006, Thailand's Supreme Court upheld an appeal court ruling that the filming had harmed the environment and ordered that damage assessments be made. Defendants in the case included 20th Century Fox and some Thai government officials.
sourced by wikipedia

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