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National Memorial, Bangkok

National Memorial built in an opportunity to celebrate the 200 years for a memorial unto cassia, Phraya Mahakasatsuek and a hit Thailand who sacrificed his life for the country is located in the area three separate Don Muang during the road, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road intersects with, Phaholyothin Road District a ditch, a district Lam Luk Ka in Pathum Thani province in the area 38 rai 1, 97 square wah, currently in the responsibility of the historical and museum military institutions academic national defense headquarters The Royal Thai Army

and His Majesty the King operation of the ceremony to lay foundation stone Memorial Commission when July 20 , 2526 Memorial commission was born in the opinion of the general line stop was born in the former captain of the past, the government has created a monument to contain bones of the death toll in the war, such as a monument military Asa is the memorial for those who died in the first World War II, a monument to protect the Constitution for an event to subdue rebel glorious det, the victory monument for case of a conflict Thai-French and World War II, the 2, but also the battle was born in several times such as Korean War Vietnam War, suppression terrorists who died in military, police and Civilian, which has been Princess Maha Chakri from His Majesty the King went to the royal cremation fire is regularly every year but bones of the suicide bombers to these will continue to gather, and has not yet been set built permanent structures, a memorial in honor
of defense, and held a project construction building the Hellfire Pass Memorial horror National is a part as well as by his Majesty the King and the foundation stone laying ceremony when July 20 , 2526 at 16.30, when the completed his Majesty the King and His Majesty King and Queen to follow when he opened July 2 , 2537 and the royal name this place, "national monument,
the objective
1. For a memorial to the sacrificed his life for the country and written on behalf of the courage to these Sathit, permanent wholly
2. In order to show history heroic actions and events, including
3 of war. In order to they provoke deep introspection public awareness that happened in the insurance, a former impact on the security of the Nation, the religion and the king
4. For a place to study the knowledge and recreation of the general public. 

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